Dinner in Naryn in the Year 2350

Zulya Esentaeva, Jeanne Féaux de la Croix, Aidai Maksatbekova, Deniz Nazarova, Dinara Kanybek Kyzy

Installation (recreated photo)

It is the year 2548. Archaeology professor Zulya Esentaeva, Dr. Jeanne Féaux de la Croix, Dr. Aidai Maksatbekova, Dr. Deniz Nazarova and Dr. Dinara Kanybek Kyzy have made a sensational find from the plastic century in ancient Naryn.

According to the researchers’ analysis, the find dates to 2350 AD. and consists of a dinner plate with the remains of plastic food. The untouched food  was left behind suddenly  in the home for unknown reasons. This find dates from a transitional period, when an environmentalist outlook became popular among the upper classes and they started to invest in surgery to modify their stomach, allowing them to digest plastic accumulated in their surroundings over the last century.

At the time, a counter-movement insisted it was a human right to eat carbohydrates and protein.. However, by the year 2400 everyone had the opportunity of surgically modifying their stomach to digest plastic.